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This is going to be my first and last public entry,but i think everyone needs to see this.In the past month I dont think i`ve ever,seen or heard of this many car accidents in my life.First James almost got in a huge accident,that was scary enough as it is because his car was totaled and hes so lucky to be ok.Next came the accident outside my neighborhood,when I first looked at it I thought it was Jen`s car and I was scared as hell,but thankfully it wasnt her.Next,Last night driving to Hollywood to go dumpster diving for tires I almost got in a huge car accident.And it turns out Mario was in a slight car crash too,but everyone was ok.And today I find out that a guy that ate lunch at my table for every day last year,was killed because he was driving drunk.I mean it upsets me and I didnt even know him that well,I cant imagine how his friends and parents feel.Its things like these that make me never want to drive.I wish people would think before they drove drunk,I wish theyd open up their eyes and see that its not only them who their putting in danger,its everyone around them.I dont know about everyone else but all this shit has really opened up my eyes.I hope everyone thinks about this shit.
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